MOLI Studio “Repairs” Vintage Tech Gadgets Using Kintsugi

Buenos Aires, Argentina-based digital art studio MOLI recently shared an intriguing new project on social media. Their talented artists created a series of digital illustrations titled Golden Era, which feature vintage tech gadgets being “repaired” with the use of kintsugi.

Kintsugi is a traditional Japanese technique used for repairing broken pottery or other objects, during which broken pieces are joined together using gold or silver. The idea is that the repair should be visible because it is part of the history of the object.

Taking a new approach with kintsugi, MOLI decided to imagine broken pieces of technology being brought back to life with gold. The series features four iconic tech gadgets from Japan, including the original Nintendo Game Boy, a digital watch produced by Seiko, Sony Mega Watchman, and Sony’s vertical PS-F9 turntable, aka The Flamingo.

According to the studio, the goal of the Golden Era series is to pay tribute to Japan’s pop culture and country’s tradition.  

“Hidden in the narrow streets of Japan’s urban landscape, tech gems from the 80s are given a second chance to shine,” Moli says about the project. “Through their scars, these nostalgic-driven rescues become time decoration treasures, carrying secrets and stories from another life.”