Malika Favre’s Graphic Illustrations are Homage to the Female Body

Malika Favre graphic art relies on contrast and the exploration of positive and negative spaces. Her art (often referred to as Pop Art meets OpArt) focuses mainly on female subjects that are both powerful and striking. “I loved curves and organic shapes probably as much as I loved colors,” explained the French-born, London-based graphic artist in Design Boom, describing her fascination with the female body.

“I let my work evolve by itself in a very organic way,” she went on to explain. “I believe that if I keep drawing and trying new things, it will change over time without me even noticing it. When you make a conscious decision to move on, it tends to show and feel a bit overworked and labored.”

With over 243k followers and features in publications like VogueThe New York TimesThe New Yorker, and Vanity Fair, Favre’s organic evolution seemed to have worked. “Looking back now, I can see glimpses of my childhood drawings in what I do now,” she admitted. “I developed my style over the years by pairing my illustrations more and more until it became some sort of manifesto.”

Take a look at some of her simple – yet striking – illustrations.