Step Up Your Makeup Game With Lottie

Halloween might be over, but it doesn’t mean you have to store your bold eyeshadow pallets and resign to the same smoky eye look. Self-taught makeup artist, known simply as Lottie, is here to inspire you, every single day of the year. Her makeup looks vary, from bold and graphic to more minimal everyday looks. But whatever she does, she puts her own original spin on it.

“I thrive on challenge — it’s more interesting to me,” she admitted in an interview with Allure. “Some people like consistency and reliability, but I’m just the opposite… You can be an amazing makeup artist, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be great at runway,” she explained. “For me, working in TV is not right. Doing bridal is not right. I actually need that stress!”

Raised in Southern California, Lottie was drawn to anything and everything creative from a very young age. Upon completing her education in graphic design, she moved to London, England and quickly found work on a number of cutting edge projects. Breaking away from design a few years later, she has since moved into what she considers her true calling.

Her artistry took her to fashion shows in New York, Milan, London, Miami, and Los Angeles and she has worked with brands as huge as Urban Decay, Marc Jacobs Beauty, and Hermes. Among her celebrity clients are icons like Drew Barrymore, Karen O, Rihanna, and Emilia Clarke.

Prepare to be inspired.