Stunning Colorful Landscapes are Captured in Jim Musil’s Paintings

Jim Musil is a Minnesota-based artist who paints stunning landscapes. In his works, Musil uses playful and vibrant colors to make everyday sights even more exciting and eye-catching.

Musil’s paintings radiate with a strange calmness. It is easy to get lost in their ever-changing skies, flower fields, rocky rivers, and green pastures.

Musil comes from a family of artists, making his life call somewhat expected. But even after attending art college, he pursued a career in technology, admitting that he never “had a lot of patience for painting” when he was younger.

However, he once again found a way back to art when he got older and discovered it gives him “happiness and peace of mind.”

“Nowadays, I have more wisdom, and I’ve grown to love the craft of producing a finished painting,” he explains on his website.

Musil works almost exclusively with acrylic paints as he likes to work fast and blend as little as possible. This technique allows him to be prolific, finishing one or two paintings each week.

Musil offers his paintings for sale through his website. He also regularly shares his newest artwork on his social media. You can check out more of them by continuing to scroll.