Architecture-Inspired Enamel Pins by Israeli Couple

A husband and wife from Tel Aviv founded Drop a Pin, a company that creates architecture-inspired enamel pins. They are inspired by buildings around the world and most of the time they make the ones they managed to see in person. Needless to say, they hope to travel much more in the future, especially if their enamel pin business turns into a success.

All the signs point to that happening – Drop a Pin is rapidly collecting Instagram followers and what’s even more impressive is that they surpassed the fundraiser goal they set on Indiegogo, by over 10 times! The orders are coming in from all over the world and the company will ship them in January 2020.

“We developed a simple method we learned at the university in a course called Basic Design,” the owners told This Is Colossal. “The first and only law is to maintain the minimum number of lines necessary so that the building can still be identified. Once the lines in the design could no longer be erased, we reached the destination.”

Scroll down to see their pins.