The Enchanted Embroideries of Adam Pritchett

Self-taught embroiderer Adam Pritchett is known for his miniature textile art that feels very much enchanted. Themes like insects, spiders, and plants, as well as witchcraft and wilderness, can be seen throughout his work, and Pritchett admits he likes the juxtapositions between soft materials like fabrics and thread, and more ominous subjects.

“A reoccurring theme of spiders in a series of pieces that I have made have all been based around cutting away at fabric, and weaving lace-like structures similar to webs over the holes to make them complete again,” the British embroiderer elaborated in an interview with Textile Artist. “The break down and rebuilding is a subject that keeps coming up in my work, and one that I don’t feel I have finished exploring yet.”

A sewing enthusiast, Pritchett admits that his work feels more illustrative than conceptual. “The shows that I have exhibited in have featured alongside mostly illustrators so I suppose I’m not really sure how my work fits in alongside other textile art,” he explains. A mixture of traditional hand embroidery and illustration, his work is definitely worth following: