Woodworker Carves Pop-Up Miniatures in Pieces of Wood

Woodworker Uli Kirchler lives in Portland, Oregon but he was born in Italy. He works with unique wood pieces that have different textures and colorations, which only makes his sculptures more special. Kirchler specializes in creating towers that can collapse into the wood and can rise back up, just like children’s pop-up books.

The author of these unique artworks has always had an interesting life. At some point, he spent 10 years traveling around the world and playing music as a “one-mand-band,” making a living with it. When he came to San Francisco, he met his wife Jenny, and that changed his plans entirely. The two of them live in Oregon with their three kids as he found another way to express his creativity.

“By degrees, after music, travel, marriage, and children, I found my way to the wonderful world of woodworking, the focus of my creative energies over the past ten years.  I had no formal training, relying instead on my imagination and my fascination with wood as a means of honing my skills,” Kirchler writes on his website.

Check out his Instagram for more of his amazing woodwork.

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