This Duo Combine Geometric Shapes and Angular Faces in Their Salvaged Wood Artworks

Image by @expandedeye / Instagram

Jade Tomlinson and Kev James, better known as Expanded Eye, produce three-dimensional pieces in the form of sculptures and painted assemblages, sculptures and public murals using salvaged wood.

Their distinctive geometric style features natural elements likes plants, trees and birds. These art pieces also cross over into their tattoo practice which combines doodles, architectural-inspired designs, and triangular patters.

They’re currently in Lisbon for a 3-month long residency at Wozen, which will end this month. They have been exploring the environmental and socio-economic issues of the community and  creating work that addresses local problems of waste, over-consumption, and gentrification in the city.

The exhibition, No Future Without Memory, will open on November 9. Check out their amazing creations below.

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Studio explorations and investigations at @wozenstudio “For the three-month residency at Wozen, Kevin and Jade continue their investigation into memory and identity; applying their efforts to the study of Lisbon and the growing socio-economic, environmental and technological pressures that distort the sense of private identity and gradually stifle the collective memory of a community. Impressed by the number of old artefacts discarded in the numerous renovations taking place in the city, the duo quickly found a relevant starting point for their research on the accelerated growth process of an urban ecosystem. Jade and Kevin embark on the challenge of simultaneously preserving these physical fragments of memory, as they seek to spark a deeper discussion about sustainability, waste, over-consumption, gentrification, and the loss of cultural and ecological identity.” #expandedeye #wozen #lisbon #nofuturewithoutmemory

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