Honey Bees Create Art by Building Combs Around Embroidery Hoops

Ava Roth is an artist who collaborates with the most interesting colleagues. Instead of choosing fellow human artists to create projects with, she’s working with honey bees that help her create mixed media collages.

The artwork they create together combines embroidery, honeycomb, fabric, beadwork, and tree bark. First, Roth builds artworks inside the comb frames and then lets the bees complete them by creating honeycomb patterns.

“This project is a collaboration in the truest sense. It involves careful listening, respecting the bees, and cooperating with them entirely, from the choice of materials, size, timing, and scope of design,” the artist told This is Colossal. She notes that she wants to celebrate the amazing work honeybees do and to match it with “sewings that invoke their delicate and ephemeral comb.”

Scroll down to see the result of this unusual collaboration.