Alja Horvat’s Lively Illustrations Are in Full Bloom

23-year-old artist, Alja Horvat creates uplifting illustrations that are in full bloom. Focusing on women, flowers, and plants, her creations feel very much contemporary, while drawing clear inspiration from artists like Josef Frank, Henri Matisse, and Pierre Boncompain.

Currently finishing a degree at University of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana, the Slovenian artist decided to take her artistic fashion more seriously in 2017. She mainly works with her Wacom Intous graphic tablet, but she also loves traditional painting with gouache and acrylics. “She prefers gouache, since it gives illustrations such a neat and clean look, almost identical to what she creates on graphic tablet,” reads her website.

Inspired by everything that surrounds her, mostly by nature and museums, she’s also a big fan of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, and her illustrations are a clear testimony to that. “I think the vibrant, colorful palette stems from me,” she told Māgoa Magazine. “I’m really energetic and lively, and that’s exactly how I feel, when I look at these shapes, figures, and colors. They are all full of life!”

We couldn’t agree more. Check out some of her lively creations in the gallery below.