These Watercolor Portraits of Women Are Simply Delightful

Sao Paulo based illustrator, graphic designer, and visual artist, Brunna Mancuso, creates bold and colorful illustrations, focusing mainly on women. Describing herself as a workaholic and “a compulsive maker and creative person,” Mancuso painted portraits of women for 100 days straight.

Her paintings and illustrations, published in Argentina, Spain, and Italy, are mostly made using watercolors. “I love to draw and to paint and I’m always thinking about what can I do next,” she exclaimed in an interview with Freelance Wisdom. “I have so many ideas! But if I’m stuck I usually run through my old sketchbooks. Often there are some good ideas lost in there. Also, I really feel the lack of creativeness when I’m really tired so I try my best to respect my body (which is really hard when you do what you love). I’m a workaholic, you know…”

Talking about her inspiration she said: “the usual: music, good art, books, movies, travel, my cats. Even though I don’t have a really calm life right now, I enjoy peaceful moments like discovering a new coffee shop or meeting my friends. A simple, yet meaningful life.”

Take a look at some of our favorite illustrations of hers.