Artist Showcases Connection of Humans and Nature With Stunning Drawings

Although he has a successful career in product design, Albanian-born artist Alfred Basha never forgot that he abandoned his true passion: drawing. Six years ago, he decided to start showcasing some of his works on Instagram and was overwhelmed by the positive reactions.

Since then, Basha has been creating amazing pen and ink drawings that have not just captured the attention of social media users but Instagram itself. He was chosen to give an exclusive interview for the social media team as one of the most creative emerging artists on the international scene.

Besides being highly detailed and beautifully done, Basha’s drawings are also attention-capturing due to their themes. The main theme that this talented artist explores in his works is nature and its connection with its inhabitants, including animals and humans. This leads to drawings that show human skeletons inside the animal bodies, which can be interpreted as the artistic take on the “spirit animal” concept.

“Nature has a main role in my projects, especially animals, because I like to represent their feelings”- says Basha.”As you can see in my illustrations, I prefer wild animals because they are out of human control….I like to represent them in their habitat to give strength to their primordial expressivity.”

Check out some of Basha’s works below.

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Lion spirit. Soon new live drawing.

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