This Artist Makes Sculptures of Moldy Fruit Using Gemstones

Moldy fruit doesn’t seem like an obvious choice for a decoration piece, but you may change your mind when you check out the works of Kathleen Ryan. This New York-based artist creates intriguing sculptures of moldy fruit using precious gemstones like opal, malachite, and quartz.

Ryan’s sculptures start as a foam base, which she molds into a shape of desired fruit like lemon, orange, or pear. Then she places gemstones by hand, transforming the base into a life-like piece of fruit that’s starting to turn bad.

“The sculptures are beautiful and pleasurable, but there’s an ugliness and unease that comes with them,” – Ryan told The New York Times of her work.

Ryan exhibited her creations in galleries across the United States and the United Kingdom, while also frequently showcasing her sculptures on social media. Check out some of them below.