Artist Uses AI to Create Vintage Photos of Athletes, Memes, and Pop Culture Characters

A lot of people enjoy the feel of vintage photos. There is something about their color, setting, and overall atmosphere that is strangely captivating.

Nowadays, we have all sorts of photo filters and digital tools that allow us to recreate that vintage feel with ease. Artificial Intelligence programs have been particularly efficient in this, as they are able to apply the vintage style to almost any kind of photo.

One digital artist, who goes by the moniker AI Dreams, decided to use the power of AI to create all sorts of intriguing vintage photos that feature popular modern artists, memes, and pop culture characters.

In their works, we are able to see how the likes of record-breaking sprinter Usain Bolt, tennis legend Roger Federer, and soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo would look like if they were born in the age of early photography.

It’s particularly interesting to see how AI transforms popular memes into vintage creations. While they keep their original message, they are also adjusted to have the vintage setting in the form of clothes that their objects appear in and the surroundings they find themselves in.

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