Suzie Grieve Weaves Leaves and Vines Into Adorable Miniature Baskets

Suzie Grieve is a self-described “weaver of leaves and vines”. This UK-based artist and jewelry maker creates the most adorable miniature baskets and other containers using only the material harvested from nature. She mostly focuses on weeds and invasive plant species, including willow bark, dandelions, ivy, and honeysuckle.

The pieces Grieve makes mostly depend on the current season as she harvests the material from the woods and fields that surround her home. In the summer, for example, she focuses on pieces made from dandelions and willow bark. In the winter, she will turn to “long leafy things”. 

“There are many things I enjoy about weaving but most important, I think, is the beautiful and tactile way it allows you to connect with the seasons, the plants, and the land,” she says on her official website.

In order to make her miniature baskets, Grieve first has to prepare the plants. This is done by removing soft parts of the plant and drying the remaining fiber. After that, she soaks the fibers to make them flexible, and the weaving can begin.

Grieve is looking to introduce others to her technique and often shares tutorials on her Instagram page and website. She is also writing a book in which she’ll detail her entire creative process.

Check out more of Grieve’s works below.