Stephanie Unger’s Art is Effortlessly Cool

Stephanie Unger proved early on she had a creative side to her, but it was only after finishing university that she fully came to terms with the artistic route she chose to take.β€œI’ve pretty much always loved drawing from when I was a kid,” said the London-based illustrator in an interview withΒ Beach London.

β€œAt one point I wanted to do comics, concept art, and even animation,” she added. β€œIt was only really after finishing uni that I started going down the illustration route but even now I feel like I do things with my work that push the boundaries of illustration. Probably because I still want to do everything.”

Her creations – bright and uplifting – have a cartoony edge to them, that makes them all the more delightful. And with almost 20k followers on Instagram and collaborations with giants like T-Mobile and Bombay Sapphire, Unger has more than proved herself.

Her work differs in style and form, spanning from t-shirts to murals. With each job, she admits, comes a new challenge, inspiring a different style or technique that in turn broadens her set of skills. β€œOne week I’ll be painting onto a bag, the next I’ll be doing t-shirt designs and the week after I’ll be painting a mural,” she says. β€œI feel like from my job I have gained a broad set of skills other than just drawing. I also have learnt to be part photographer, part handy woman, and part administrator. It definitely keeps me on my toes but I love it.”

We love it just the same.

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