Gemma Koomen’s Illustrations are a Winter Wonderland

Gemma Koomen’s Instagram bio describes her as an illustrator, an author, and a peace lover. “I am a peace-loving, sensitive person,” she described in an interview with Ballpitmag. “I yearn for calm, simplicity beauty and connection, which feeds into my work, and in turn makes me look for that all the more in the other moments when I am not painting or drawing.”

Indeed, scrolling through her illustrations a sense of peacefulness prevails. Uplifting, cozy, and playful, her work is nothing short of a winter wonderland. Centering around animals, nature, and nature lovers, Koomen sticks to an earthy color palette and simple composition; her tools of choice being gouache, acrylic gouache, ink, and the occasional colored pencil.

Based in Northumberland, UK, Koomen is inspired by nature, nostalgia, and simplicity, with a love of plants, birds, rambling walks, and drinking tea in the sunshine. “I originally trained in fine art photography and for many years I worked as a photographer and graphic/web designer,” she says. “But I have always drawn and kept sketchbooks. When I had children I started drawing and painting with them. It felt so good, so much so I began a committed practice of drawing and sharing my work on Instagram. That has gradually led to a lot of engaging work!”

Solid choice on her part.